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Time is a gift

If you feel that you have no motivation at all and you are just wating for something else to occurr, let me tell you that you are wasting your time. Life is based on time and energy, and you have to be willing to work with both if you want a change in your life. Most of the time, your habits define who you are, you should ask yourself “Do I have healthy habits?” If the answer is “NO”, do something about it. Get out of your bed or chair, go outside and get some fresh air, be conscious of your own breathing, climb a tree, invite someone out.

Your time is the most valuable thing you have, believe me. The more conscious you get about the concept of time, the best decisions you will make. Use your time wisely, invest it on yourself, your relationships and your biggest wishes, because time is a gift. Your life is wating for you to leave behind your comfort zone and start doing something amazing. Observe and admire the nature,  play your favorite song on your car, write a letter, learn how to cook difficult dishes, save money for a trip. Notice how your good mood increases as you get conscious of your time, maybe at the beginning you will feel that it is going too fast but don’t be afraid, that’s just the first step. The second one is to accept that time flies and you can’t do anything about it. The third step is to enjoy your life.



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