A sip of passion

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The auto-pilot mode is a very dangerous state of mind, it blocks our creativeness and motivation. Constantly we are just staring at our computers or cell phones but we are not really doing anything, our mind is somewhere else. This also happens when we are driving, reading, eating, working, talking and probably working out, we are not living the moment. How do we avoid this absence of the mind? Personally, I have struggled a lot with myself to eradicate this condition, almost every day. I wasn’t feeling motivated at all, I couldn’t find a fulfilling activity and those were really frustrating moments.

The first step is to be conscious of your time, realize that our time in this world is limited and short. When you understand the importance of time, you will act with more energy.  The second step is to start changing your habits or your hobbies, something is not right when you can’t find a single milligram of motivation in your body. The third step is to learn new things, anything is useful. Wanna try Italian? Try it. Wanna try cooking? Try it. Wanna try painting? Try it. Also, we all have a useful tool called “internet”, where we can learn almost anything for a very low cost, we have no excuses at all.

Awareness turned into my motivation, that motivation turned into a sip of passion and now, everytime I start auto-piloting, I begin immediately another activity. Passion is the strongest fuel, it will take us to a lot of places and it will increase our creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Go out, breathe, learn and work.


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