A long time ago

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A long time ago, I was afraid of the future. The uncertainty of the future is one of the most interesting and frightening things, but I learned that the future has a bright side too. When we think about the future, everything becomes a possibility and also an opportunity, we get the chance to work something out with the present situation in our hands.

The future is just an idea, and that is the main beauty of it, because that idea can be molded into something great. Also, we must accept the fact that we won’t be able to control every little aspect of the things that occur to us. Yes, we must embrace every opportunity of doing something good, something different. I believe that individually, we don’t really have a purpose or a mission in this world, but we keep acting like we are destined to achieve a specific goal in our lifes. Maybe we all share the same goal: to enjoy life.

Long time ago I was afraid of the future, but not anymore.


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