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The Little Things

Two years ago I was planning what to do with my life, I wasn’t sure if going to college was the right choice for me so I decided that I would take a year to think about it.  Even though I understood a lot of things about me in the past year, I wasn’t feeling inspired and that was destroying me from the inside. I realized that I just had to pay attention to the little things that fulfilled my life: music, languages, travelling and writing. Writing has become one of my passions since I was 13 years old and now, it is like a therapy for me. I had completely forgotten my guitar so I started practicing more than I ever had. Later with some help, I was able to start my own online business.  The little things in my life became my biggest passions and that’s why I keep myself motivated. My next goal is to travel around the world and write about it.


Listen to yourself

A lot of people will tell you that the formula to have a meaningful life is the following: college+job=happy life. Maybe there are many people that have applied that formula through their life and they are actually having a good time, but there are also a lot of people struggling with themselves to get their college degree because they think they won’t be able to achieve anything great without it. The only advice I can give you is to pursue your dreams everyday, think of anything that you’d like to do and it will eventually happen if you apply the following formula: smart work + time + patience. This is a blog for inspired people and if you aren’t one of them, just keep reading and maybe you’ll get inspired soon.


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